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Direct Analysis is a French start-up developping new tools for DNA and RNA extraction to simplify the access of biomolecular dectections techonlogies.

Biomolecular detections such as qPCR have become the perfect methods to quickly detect microorganisms for food, environment, cosmetics, or diagnosis. The sample preparation step is key to obtain the most representative results. Direct Analysis proposes a new way to extract DNA and RNA thanks to its microfluidic technology, with performance comparable with complex in-lab protocols, while being more cost effective. With its unique design, the Xtralyz® allows DNA and RNA extraction within a single cartridge, from a large volume of sample, even in a complex matrix. In the example of food industry, Direct Analysis accelerates microorganisms detection, going from 20-26 hours with the standard methods, to only 6 hours, with similar sensitivity.

In the food industry there is almost one recall per day – in France only – due to bacterial contamination of a food product. Such a withdrawal is estimated at 1M€ by insurers and the damage in terms of brand image is catastrophic. In the field, crises are very complicated to manage: emergency search for the source of contamination, cleaning, verifications. The production capacities are strongly impacted, or even stopped, with a recovery depending on the delay in obtaining the results of the pathogen detection. Thus, early detection of pathogens is a crucial stake for food industry, and all actors of the food industry ask for new methods of detection that would be faster, sensitive to all targeted pathogens, and easy to implement.