DNA extraction chip

Simplify – Accelerate – Secure micoorganisms detection

Startup from CEA-Leti

A microfluidic device for fast and performant DNA/RNA extraction

2 min per extraction – from sample to DNA/RNA

Easy to use with an automatic extraction system

Accurate and efficient nucleic acid extraction for any downstream application

Reducing the time to results for pathogens research in food safety

Faster by 4 the time to results while keeping the same sensitivity than usual tests

Similar extraction protocol for Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and others

Food safety improvement with a better contamination understanding

Extraction system technology


High throughput

Easy to use

Fit on every biological bench – similar size than a classical laboratoy equipment such as a PCR system
Up to 96 extractions in less than 1h thanks to the smart 8-way extractions with the divisible chip
One cable – One consumable
Two buttons


Replacement of the extraction step in traditional qPCR methods for microbiological analysis to significantly reduce the enrichment step while maintaining the same sensitivity and full compatibility with qPCR detection.

Direct Analysis timeline overview

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